traditional formulas with traditional german plants



Calena has developed subtle plantsymbolism body care product lines to address all the senses.
These exceptional skin care products require a lot of traditional manual craftsmanship. We have developed a unique process which enables us to tenderly extract the subtle messages of the plants. The plant elixirs contain the entire essence of the original plants and have a rejuvenating effect on the skin.



Thanks to her immense experience with plants and herbs, Angelika Böhme, the company founder of Calena has managed to combine the elixirs in such a way that the subtle message of all plants is radiated in the products.


We distil our special plant elixirs traditionally in coppers.

Angelika Böhme is convinced that it is not just the ingredients, but also the way these are processed that makes a difference!





It is this traditional and complex manufacturing method that makes Calena plant elixirs so special. We give our plant extracts the time they need to develop a consistent and harmonious effect and aura.



The unique plant elixirs are always added freshly-made to our Calena products. You can not only feel the message and vitality of the plants in these products.